Finding solutions to your roofing needs can be frustrating given the many products on the market and companies marketing their service with financial ties to the manufacturer.

We are an independent roof consulting firm serving owners, property managers, lenders, investors, insurance companies and architects with over twenty years of experience.


Having served clients through out the United States, we at Lance are committed to providing our clients with professional, accurate and unbiased attention to your roof needs. Our knowledge through years of practical experience and continued education has enabled us to excel in the roof consulting industry.

If looking to buy, invest or lease real estate or to determine the condition of your existing properties, knowledge of the roof condition can provide you with valuable information concerning roof maintenance, repairs or replacement and the associated costs. Roof surveys are essential to identify existing conditions, life expectancy, defects and establish reserve funds for future maintenance, repair and replacement.

Whether a 5,000 sq. ft. office building, 100,000 sq. ft. retail center or a 1.5 million sq. ft. manufacturing facility, one property or multiple properties, we at Lance are committed to our clients needs. No project is too large or too small.

Our roof surveys are prepared in an easy to read, well-documented format, which discusses each condition in detail. Our survey discusses the existing condition of the roof, remaining life and provides budgets for repairs, periodic maintenance or replacement, if necessary. Each report is accompanied with photo documentation and a roof plan. We obtain as much information as possible regarding existing warranties, past leak history and problems. Additional services can include roof sampling and moisture surveys, if requested.

We believe that proper repairs and periodic maintenance will greatly extend the service life of your roof. Many premature roof failures can be attributed to the lack of periodic inspection and maintenance. With repair costs being a fraction of the cost of complete replacement, a well defined roof maintenance program will result in extended service life and savings.

Proper design is essential to the performance of a new roof. Our years of hands on experience to roof design and performance has enabled us to produce excellent project manuals, specifications and drawings. Our specifications and drawings are project specific, enabling us to obtain bids based on the roofs needs, not on generic requirements that may not be satisfactory or cost effective.


Teamwork and communication is the key to a successful roofing repair or replacement project. Having been involved in the roofing industry nation wide, we have established relationships with quality roofing contractors and roofing material manufactures. Each part of the team contributes their expertise from design, materials and installation to provide a finished product that is both economical and professional.


Educating our clients is beneficial to understanding the importance of regular roof surveys and maintenance. Let us provide your management or engineering team with a presentation on basic roofing knowledge. Our presentation will discuss basic roof system construction, roof conditions, maintenance and terminology.

Please feel free to call us if you have a roofing question. We are committed to providing reliable, professional service and are here when you need us. Let us show you how we can find solutions for your roof needs. J. Lance Roof Inspection, Inc. Independent and uncompromising!

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* Due Diligence & Acquisition Roof Surveys

* Roof Survey & Condition Reports

* Annual Preventative Maintenance Reports

* Budget Procurement

* Roofing Plans & Specifications

* Observation Of Roof Work

* Construction & Payment Review

* Wind & Hail Damage Assessment & Documentation

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